It’s always a gamble to plan an outdoor session in April – on April 1st, no less – but we went for it and felt like we won the big bucks. Seattle gave us bright grays and soft blues and a few bursts of sun to boot. Nicole and Dom were so wonderful to work with and took on an afternoon of photos with energy and a readiness to laugh and have fun – which makes me doubly excited to get to shoot their wedding in May. More good times to come!

When I get homesick, I think about swimming in the ocean and eating brinjal curry and drinking my morning milk tea in the garden. I crave warm weather and shorts and a time schedule that doesn’t worry so much about being punctual. And then there are those favorite faces. There is almost nothing more happy in the world than getting to go home and indulge in every one of those things.

One of my nearest and dearest got married just before christmas and naturally it was cause for our whole high school class to make the trek over the pond and party it up for a week. There was home time and beach time and all the good times in between. Here are some favorite out takes – mostly taken with the Nikon, with some iPhone snaps thrown in the mix. Enjoy and then go make yourself a cup of tea. With at least 3 spoons of sugar, Lankan style.

I am a summer human in every regard. But let me tell you, a beautiful winter wedding is one of the very few things that can shake this part of me, and make me question everything I once held to be true. (I am also prone to hyperbole.) Aly and Aaron threw the most gorgeous January party complete with waffles, pretty blue dresses, tiny succulents, and a perfect Pacific Northwest gray blue day. Despite feeling all kinds of not well that morning, Aly rose to the occasion like a star – which was indicative of how these two function. They are selfless, and full of grace, and so, so fun. Being sick was not going to hold this girl back. We took photos for hours in the freezing cold, and then they (and their fantastic, giant bridal party) went on to celebrate the day away surrounded by all their favorite people and a solid dance play list. Aly and Aaron, my biggest congratulations – you are amazing.

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    CUTE! What a fun and lovely winter wedding! Especially love the floral arrangements and snowy mountains in the distance.ReplyCancel

Little Elliot is the most laid-back baby ever. Which makes sense, because Lexy and Sam are also the most laid-back. And laid-back with a good dose of humor makes for excellent company. Elliot was very patient with all camera clickage and having his name called a million times, and was mostly just happy with the dirt, leaves, and ample crawl space, so I think it was a win all around. Plus let his moose onesie be an inspiration to us all. It was such a pleasure getting to hang out with this sweet family for an afternoon!

You know when your heart is so full it wants to burst into a million cartwheels accompanied by glitter confetti? It’s great, if a little overwhelming. Jo, my bestie of 25 years and sister friend for all time and forever, married Daniel this last summer on June 25th, and that was the exact ensuing state of my being. Our 4-year-old sandbox buddy selves would have been thrilled to know that besides getting to be maids of honor in each others weddings, our love for late night cake never died.

Daniel and Jo got married on the little island of Öckerö off the coast of Gothenburg in Sweden, and I had the privilege of getting to play second photographer before the ceremony. Öckerö is gorgeous, these peeps are more gorgeous. Love you both to the moon!