Eisele Family

In September last year, Gene and Crystal decided to fulfill a life dream. They packed up their home, and moved aboard a sailboat – their two babies in tow. This family is amazing, and gifted with a hefty amount of spunk. I asked Crystal if she was terrified of living on a boat with two toddlers – she smiled calmly and said,”Everyday.” I know for a fact, she’s going to raise the most self sufficient, adventurous, brave little people out there. Gene and Crystal let me hang out with them for a morning to chat and take pictures over banana pancakes. Byron (age 3, full of energy and wisdom) and Rowan (age 1, barely walking and fully capable of climbing the cabin ladder) are little sailors already, scampering about the boat on their little sea legs, helping mom and dad with chores and keeping things lively. I got a little glimpse into their every day – and went straight home to inform Markus that a boat family is our new life plan. Byron let me know I could even buy a kid if I wanted one. Eiseles, you are inspiring.

Not pictured: Barney the Barnacle, the cat, who lives on the boat next door.


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